The University of Southampton

Data transmission in Hollow Core Fibres

Solid-core silica glass optical fibres are ubiquitous in today’s communication networks. The hollow-core fibres developed within Airguide Photonics offer unique properties that will free the propagation of information signals from the limitations imposed by glass itself.

This area of research has the potential to revolutionise many aspects of communications, with some of the most significant applications already in sight with the current state-of-the-art hollow-core fibres.

We are studying the transformative applications enabled by adoption of hollow-core fibre technology in:

  1. Data centres
  2. 5G front-haul and microwave photonics
  3. Internet of things/tactile networks (for real-time applications)
  4. Studio distribution of ultra-high definition video signals
  5. Fundamentally-secure quantum communication links
  6. Ultra-high capacity transmission systems

We are also exploring the communications applications of novel fibre amplifiers developed in the Programme.

Our research will be driven by the interests of our industrial partners and shaped by the needs of end-users.

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